Photographic technology has made amazing advances since I received my first 35mm SLR. That was when the Star Trek TV series debuted and the Rolling Stones looked like goofy teenagers. The camera had one dial for shutter speed. The aperture dial was on the lens. Metering? Well, that was done with the sheet of paper that came in the roll of film with suggestions for conditions like "cloudy bright" or "open shade". Were things simpler then? Hey, there were only two controls. Would I go back to those days? Absolutely - but only if I could take my camera, laptop and Photoshop. I now have the "darkroom" I never got around to obtaining. My equipment is no longer entry level, but even entry level equipment now produces excellent photos. Like many photographers, my photography had to be put on hold several times during my life. The lessons I learned during those early years helped me in relearning the concepts when I decided to again reactivate my involvement in photography.

My interest has always been primarily in Nature Photography, though I occasionally stray. I love the times spend in the outdoors whether hiking or just sitting and observing. I still have that Christmas morning excitement when I download a card of photos to check out the shoot. I so much enjoy the quest for "that" photo - the one I envisioned and hoped it would be good enough to share the experience of the day.

I hope you are able to take time to review the Nature Photos, and enjoy the locations and critters as much as I did. Feel free to send me your encouragement or criticism. The hills are getting steeper now, and it is your words that push me to the next hillcrest when the sun is hot and the equipment is heavy. Please enjoy the site.